In no particular order, I'm a Digital Developer, Designer & Project Manager.

I have a passion for strategic digital user interaction development.

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Know What You Do

Most organisations think they know what they do right? Perhaps, but I also believe there's great value in identifying and voicing what you don't do. T...

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Lead Fom Below

You don't need to be the top dog in your organisation to be a leader. You don't need to have the strongest title to create change or shift direction. ...

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Hi, I’m Matt.

I’ve always been a nerd deep down, from childhood days of fixing the family computer (after finding new ways to break it), to teenage days of making websites for friends. I have a passion for technology, the web and digital user experience which motivated my choice to study Information Technology at University (majoring in Management and Marketing). With a Bachelor degree under my belt, I still love to learn and look forward to a lifetime of it.


After freelancing for 4 years, I joined forces with a hero digital agency NBM, where I’ve designed and programmed digital experiences for local to national firms. Over the years at NBM I’ve progressed to a leadership position, overseeing and managing projects from initiation to closure.